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What if, instead of struggling to come up with content ideas, you had an endless supply? 

What if, instead of battling with tools you don’t quite understand, you stepped boldly into new systems and strategies? 

What if instead of cautiously posting in the hopes that your content will gain traction, you hit that publish button with confidence?

What if what if what if!

What if there was a course that would equip you with everything you needed to totally crush your content creation?

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Ellie - Blogger

The CCC is a gold mine of information whether you’re a budding or seasoned blogger or a business looking to up your social media game - from idea generation to sharing your content the CCC has you covered! Written in Anjali’s easy to follow and relatable style with not only bonus materials but achievable action worksheets, CCC is the course which just keeps on giving!

What's inside?

  • 1


    • Welcome to Confident Content Creation!

  • 2

    Building Foundations

    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sharing your Story

    • 3. Content Creation Mindsets And How to Shift Them

    • 4. Content Creation Myths (and how to approach them)

    • 5. Go-Getting Goals

    • 6. Building Content Pillars

    • 7. Email Lists

    • Pillar One: Homework

    • Pillar One: Bonuses

  • 3

    Generating Content Ideas

    • 1. Using your Content Pillars to Brainstorm

    • 2. Generating Ideas

    • 3. Keyword Tools you need to get on board with

    • 4. Google, Google, Where for art thou Google

    • 5. Unleash the Power of Pinterest

    • 6. Pinterest Trends

    • 7. Online Shopping (bear with)

    • 8. The Chatter of People

    • 9. Inspired by life

    • Pillar Two: Bonuses

    • Pillar Two: Homework

  • 4

    Writing Great Content

    • 1. Scheduling Content and Planning Ahead

    • 2. The wonders of a Content Planner

    • 3. SEO for Blogging The Basics

    • 4. Killer Keywords

    • 5. Writing Writing Writing

    • 6. Wicked Writing Tools

    • 7. Blog Post Structure

    • Pillar Three: Bonuses

    • Pillar Three: Homework

  • 5

    Creating Cool Stuff

    • 1. They See Me Batching

    • 2. Repurposing Your Content

    • 3. How To Repurpose Effectively

    • 4. My One True Love

    • 5. Where to Find Great Images for your Blog

    • Pillar Four: Bonuses

    • Pillar Four: Homework

  • 6

    Sharing With the World

    • 1. Social media What You Need and What You Can Leave

    • 2. The Best Social Media Schedulars

    • 3. What's the deal with Email Marketing

    • 4. You and your email list - what to send them so they stick around

    • 5. Promoting With Pinterest

    • Pillar Five: Bonuses

    • Pillar Five: Homework

  • 7

    Rinse and Repeat

    • 1. Time Management

    • 2. Consistency is Key

    • 3. Organisation Tips

    • 4. Staying motivated

    • 5. So what now

    • Pillar Six: Bonuses

    • Pillar Six: Homework

  • 8


    • 1:1 Blogging Support


As well as all that, you can access to:

  • Content Resources

    Content resources that are going to help you crush your content creation, totally rock your email list, and use social media to promote the heck outta your blog.​

  • Actionable Steps

    Step-by-step actionable tasks to walk you through the entire woe-to-go process of content creation for your blog.​

  • 100 Content Ideas

    Over 100 done-for-you content ideas​, including blog post and social media ideas to get you started.

Over the past 10+ years, I have gained skills in areas I didn’t even know existed when I started out as a 17-year-old, and now I’m bringing it all to you.

This course is everything I’ve learnt about content creation since I started back in 2008. And you know what? It’s a lot!

This course is designed for you to take back control of your content, to rebuild shaky foundationsset structures and procedures in place, lose the overwhelm of idea generation, and overall totally crush your content creation.

And I hope you are as pumped as I am!



If you're ready to totally crush your content creation, overcome and the overwhelm, learn strategies and skills to get your content seen by more people, and showcase all the good stuff you're about, then hit that button below and let's get the party started!